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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 28, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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top of the hour. i'm brianna keilar. we have new developments in as the deadline passes on the lives of two isis hostages. jordan made it clear it's prepared to make a deal with the most brutal terrorists in the world, isis. this is the woman at the center of it all. a bomb strapped to her chest failed to go off in a terror attack in 2005. she's been in prison since. jordan may swap her for this man, a pilot who was captured by isis after his jet crashed in syria. why are they set on getting this woman? who is she? her brother was a comrade to the leader of al qaeda in iraq. that leader a man you probably
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heard of. he was a leader to the man that runs aisis now bagdadi. tell us the latest if jordan has gotten a response to this offer and also how people there in jordan are really wanting this pilot released. >> reporter: absolutely brianna. we were hearing from a jordanian government source saying will there's been no deal made yet as far as they're aware. they believe neither the jordanian pilot nor japanese hostage kenji goto have been released. the jordanian government made the offer nine hours ago saying they're willing to release sajida rishawi. we have not heard a response from the jordanian government. although we have to point out,
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this is an offer from isis totally different. at no point has isis made a demand for release of the pilot. they gave 24 hours to release sajida rishawi in a swap deal for kenji goto. they said if that does not happen, their going to kill both goto and the jordanian pilot n. the last hour or so the jordanian prime minister was speaking to us and said negotiations have been taking place indirectly through indirect channels for a few weeks. he said kenji goto is part of the motions. for jordan their priority is the pilot. they have though the received proof of life yet, something the jordanians had asked for. a very tense night here with the family of the jordanian pilot and many jordanians anxiously
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waiting to see what is going to happen what the fate of this pilot will be. tense night for jordan and japan today. >> especially as we pass the deadline. thank you so much. what is the price for negotiating with the world's most brutal terrorists? i want to talk about the risks and logistics of this potential swap. what would it look lightning? let's talk to robert mcfadden, agent in charge of ncis. first off, it's sort of con connecticutcon -- their priority isn't the japanese hostage. where does that leave us? >> it seeks to complexity of all that's involved. it also speaks to the islamic state and ultimate goal the propaganda and showing it has
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levers of power and wanting to manipulate the coalition as well as jordanian public sentiment. it's hard to conceive of the scenario the lieutenant would not be part of the exchange even if that happens. jordanians have been clear about that. we've mentioned before. >> they're steering the ship on the negotiations even though they're indirect right? >> that's right. since they have the pilot, there's a japanese coalition member involved as well. it really speaks to again how its goal is to manipulate public sentiment in the arab world and as far as the rest of the coalition. an important piece, speaking to jordanian friends today, no proof of life has been seen for the lieutenant for a number of weeks now. >> okay. that is what the jordanians want. if they don't have that you expect they're not going to give isis what it wants.
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>> certainly in the continuing of negotiations to the extent there are negotiations first things first. that's a big part of it. >> yeah. i guess my question is whether or not this comes to fruition the fact isis is negotiating with jordan and japan -- in a way japan. they sernlcertainly want the japanese hostage back. has isis already won now this it's negotiating with two u.s. allies? >> in some ways as far as propaganda wars absolutely. there's less than a solid degree of belief that isis islamic state negotiates regardless. to push the levers of power -- >> that's why they frequently put a ransom $200 million, completely unrealistic, not something that a family would be able to afford to get loved ones
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released. it's to make people squirm as they're terrorized. >> are there's other demands made behind the scenes. without sounding too cynical, there's doubt the leadership cares that much about sajida rishawi. having that of symbolism it acts in good faith to those that belongs to its organization. there's other important people in custody that you think islamic state would negotiate for a that's not brought up. the symbolism is very big. >> it's a sick game but on going, very important and key to see how this turns out. robert thank you so much. >> my pleasure. this swap if it happened its could change the u.s. led war on isis a war under fire by some in the national security community. in fact, former u.s. spy general michael flen had a lot to say about president obama's strategy. he called the limited response a
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recipe for disaster. he said, quote, there are many sincere people in our government frankly paralyzed by this complexity. they accept a defensive posture reasoning that passivity is less likely. >> what is the complexity that he thinks the administration is overlooking? is it really just he thinks the administration is minimizing the threat when it shouldn't? >> well brianna what general flen is kauing for is a war against not just isis but all islamic militants. he wants to see all allies working together on this fight. what he said was he tried to communicate this to the obama administration over and over
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behind closed doors while in offers. he fees the message wasn't getting through. he the did say part of this in an interview to me. this was clarifying remarks after he gave this in a speech to a large group of former special operators and intelligence officers. i've got to tell you, there were a lot of nods and standing ovation from that crowd. >> so a lot of people agreeing with him kimberly. he doesn't like the label that's used. we've heard the administration use the term violent extremism and not using islamic militants which is what flen thinks they should use. could you explain why he thinks that is so important that they use this one label instead of violent extremism? >> from his perspective, this is a partially religious-driven fight. he says if you want to understand the enemy and come up with tools to fight the enemy, in this case, the idea to counter this ideology he thinks
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it's important to call them by the name they call thimsemselves islamic militant. from the white house perspective and also extremist specialists i've spoken to they would like to call them criminal extremists. don't let them use religion to pit one side of the world against each other. it's one of those debates that happens in halls of national security and then takes on political overtones. there are a lot of people in that crowd, i have to say, who were wondering if general flen might run for office in the future with the direction he was coming from. >> many people have said if you do use islam, maybe it's islamism which is sort of hiding behind islam. i've heard experts say that as well. you said you were at the conference flen said this. many were in agreement with him. do you take that indication of
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rift between the national security world and others in the obama administration? >> generals are always going to ask for more resources and always going to be allowed to give their all a to a fight. a lot of people in the national security forums believe the obama administration has decided on a more limited response sending in 100 trainers when you could send in 1,000 operation trainers. also taking too long to decide to send them, beef up local forces in areas where you have militant say. that's the real tension you see. this was a conference of people who's job is to go to africa go to afghanistan, syria, and work behind the scenes. maybe two or three officers with 100 foreign officers to teach them how to fight. a lot of people in that forum believe if more of them were on
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the ground sooner you wouldn't have seen isis spiral out of control like it has. >> they certainly do feel that way. kimberly thank you so much. really good article you wrote clarifying flen with his marks. appreciate it. next israel's prime minister vows terrorists will pay the price for an attack that killed israeli soldiers. there are new concerns a new war will bring out between israel and hezbollah. plus two former vanderbilt football players accused of a rape. they claim they were drunk and can't be held responsible. two bodies found 600 miles from the airasia wreckage site. now investigators are looking at whether a possible computer glitch contributed to the crash.
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israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns hezbollah and iron will quote pay the price for the attack on the israeli convoy. two soldiers and a peace keeper were killed in the attack. violent crashes between hezbollah and israel are raising serious concerns violence could spiral out of control. today's attack happened near the intersection of the lebanese syrian border. we have cnn political commentator, contributing editor of the atlantic and national journal. this is a tricky time now peter. we don't exactly know which way this is going to go.
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this could turn into a war. >> yes. it certainly could. the israel will respond very strongly to this. it's probably not as strong had it been an attack on civilians. death of two israeli soldiers is serious. you'll see an israeli response. it would be strong no matter what. it doesn't hurt there's election going on as well. there's probably political benefit in responding strongly. netanyahu would no matter what. hezbollah is under pressure to respond itself. the question is can both sides keep this from getting out of control? >> why now? does it have to do with the election? >> i think it partly has to do with the israeli strike last week where israel launched a strike. we don't know exactly who they were trying to get. they managed to kill the son of a former of leader of
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hezbollah's military leader. that was an important person and increased pressure on hezbollah to respond. they killed a general also evidently. both sides face political pressure not to lose face. i'm not sure either side wants an all out war. hezbollah is fighting on another front trying to maintain assad in power in syria against sunni groups. i don't think the the israel's memory of 2006 conflict with hezbollah -- it is pretty bitter. sometimes when you try to manage this and keep it within a certain frame work things spiral out of control. >> they can get out of hand. >> there are political ramifications. there's an election coming up. netanyahu is facing re-election. does he stand to gain from this or could this be risks for him what could happen here? >> the conventional wisdom tends
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to be a prime minister one on the right, benefits from foreign threats and israel is in war. you see that his opponents are not criticizing him over this. on the other hand it's taking place at a moment of particular weakness for netanyahu in the wake of this debacle of him going to speak before congress. if there's a sense this war is mismanaged it comes together with the spat with the obama administration to seem like a prime minister not managing foreign relations well. >> he's invited by a republican led congress to speak before them. just a heads up the white house is not happy about that. >> not at all. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. next two former vanderbilt football players accused of rape. part of their defense they claim they were drunk. now they're found guilty. nancy grace telling us what punishment she thinks they should get. two bodies found floating
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maybe from airasia 8501 discovered hundreds of miles from the wreckage. we'll have details ahead.
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two former vanderbilt university football players have been found guilty of raping an unconscious 21-year-old woman in a dormitory. corey baitty and brandon van denburg violated the victim in multiple and unspeakable ways about a year and a half ago. the victim was on a date with van denburg before the rape occurred. he testified about how he described to her the next day what had happened. >> he told me i had gotten sick in his room and he had to clean it up and it was horrible. he had to spend the night taking care of me and it was horrible.
12:25 pm
i apologized. i was embarrassed. >> she apologized to him. then later found out what he and his friend had done to her, at least as the jury found it. the victim cried when the guilty investigators were held in court. she was holding back tears as well. she released a statement thank ago investigators and rape advocates. she said quote, finally i want to remind other victims of sexual violence you are not alone. you are not to blame. nancy grace, i want to recognize the victim here. she was amazing sitting through every day of court and speaking out and trying to make something good come out of what happened here. but this was really even after she had no idea what had happened there was such a strong case for prosecution because there was video. >> yes, there was video. i want to address what you
12:26 pm
mentioned. you said the crimes on her were unspeakable. you know what as long as we don't talk about what happens to rape victims, they live in a shadow a feeling it was their fault. somehow they were responsible. i will speak it. i will tell the truth. the truth is according to a jury that this man brandon van denburg, her boyfriend, and three of his friends -- not just a friend -- three other men raped her. he sod mized her with their bodies and with a water bottle. they took close up photos of her intimate body parts and videoed it and laughed and made fun of it. then actually sent the pictures and the video that you're correctly referring to their friends. their defense at trial was
12:27 pm
that -- one was he was too drunk to remember what happened. he wasn't too drunk to send pictures to friends. nor were they too drunk to meet the next morning at a chicken place and try to figure out how they could cover up the crimes and get out of it and destroy evidence. >> that was really the thing to me nancy. i'm glad that you brought up what happened. we shouldn't say it's unspeakable. i agree with you. you need to know what happened to this woman and what she's gone through. what really got me was the fact like with you, that one of these defendants -- we should say the other two young men are still a waiting trial. these are the two that are a waiting sentencing. >> i've been wondering about that. i would put them all in the same pot together let them stew try them together. my guess is these two cases were stronger. you want to lead with strongest
12:28 pm
cases. i'm guessing that's why they did it. when i say you've got to say it -- i remember the first time i tried a rape case and prosecutor. i could hardly say things in front of the jury. you have to make yourself say them. just like she had to go to court and tell the truth. >> yeah. it did get me that days after, not even just the next morning, text were seen. it seemed these defendants were clearly cognizant of what happened. then they say oh we forgot that. you had batey, the main perpetrator. he took the stand during the trial. it was van denburg who was on a date with the young woman. >> the boyfriend. >> he didn't perhaps participate as much -- >> whoa. wait a minute. >> i didn't mean to say that. >> let's pretend you and i rob a bank all right. you go in and get crazy and shoot somebody.
12:29 pm
i'm into this shooting too. it's one for all, and all for one. >> does this -- >> van denburg didn't physically rape her. he handed his girlfriend over to these three guys on a silver platter. he was videoing it laughing and instrumenting them what to do. the fact is he said he had used drugs and couldn't get an erection. he had to turn on porn there at the time to try to get an erection. all right? he may not have physically raped her, but he was part of the plan. he was responsible for the plan. he aided and a betted the attack on this woman. >> i wondered would this other men had done this had he not agoed themago ed aged them on. >> maybe what he did was worse? is there a precedent? >> i don't think him being charged is a precedent.
12:30 pm
when you aid and a bet and are part of the crime, you're responsible for what your coconspirators do. in this case they are all responsible. all of them. nobody can point the blame. that was the defense. they were all pointing at each other. they tried to blame van der berg. they could have swept this under the rug. they didn't. it was a whole fluke. the way it got found out. there was vandalism at vanderbilt and they had put up security cameras to catch what happened. a custodian sees two guys carrying a woman in. catch this listen to this. there were people in that dorm all right. male female dorm. saw the woman passed out, and seminaked and they did nothing. nothing. >> yeah and people that got the
12:31 pm
text and videos didn't as well. nancy grace, thank you so much. very important case to talk about here. we'll be watching you weeknights on hln at 8:00 p.m. eastern. thanks so much. just ahead, horrifying pictures posted on twitter show children holding ak-47s. it's apparently a military training camp for kids. we'll show you stung images coming up. plus a possible computer glitch in final moments of airasia 8501. what would that have meant for pilots in the storm? would the reaction have changed anything? we'll have that. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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600 miles from the airasia 8501 wreckage two bodies have been found. fishes officials believe the bodies belong to passengers from the airliner. meantime the national search and rescue says it will take over recovery operations beginning this weekend. the news coming a day after indonesia military said a quarter of drivers were treated for decompression illness and it would stop working at the crash site. now investigators are trying to determine whether a computer glitch played a role in the crash. joining me now to look at all of this is cnn aviation analyst miles o brian. let's concentrate first on this computer glitch. would this have interfered with the plane's automation system. if so what kind of demands would this have placed on the pilots? >> brianna, it's important to
12:37 pm
understand the air bus, like a lot of airliners, is flown by computers mostly. the human beings in the cockpit are put in the role of monitoring the systems. 99.9% of the time the computers do just fine and fly the flight perfectly perfectly smoothly. when things go a rye and computers can't compute, it hands over control of the aircraft and hands over to the crew. what happens is if the computer fails or if there's bad data often times that's at the worse possible time for the crew. there's something bad happening, sensors have failed. they get handed over control not really knowing how much authority they have to control the aircraft. if one of these computers failed and the crew wasn't fully aware
12:38 pm
it had failed they wouldn't know where they stood in terms of the interface. this is something the faa has looked at. when you automate aircraft and there's situations they hand over control to the human being, there has to be a clear hand over. i think that's something we'll look at here as this investigation progresses. >> okay. and then let's talk about these bodies. there are still many to be recovered. 600 miles away though from the wreckage what does this tell us? what does this tell us about maybe the efforts to find some of the other bodies? really so key to family members of the victims getting some closure here. >> i'm not an expert on the drift patterns in that part of the world in that ocean, but of course we're talking about a crash that occurred a month ago now, december 28th. for the bodies to have travel had the far by drift i suppose is possible. it does raise the possibility
12:39 pm
and this is something we need to consider -- i haven't overlaid it with the flight path -- there's a lot of variables here. it's possible in the midst of the thunderstorm as the crew was battling those elements that this aircraft could have broken up in flight. we don't know that for sure. most seems to be in one isolated area. who knows? that's something that has to be factored in. >> we're seeing challenges of that recovery especially maybe if debris field is wider than we thought. we're seeing the challenges recovering some of the bodies and the fact that even though isn't tremendously deep water, 80 to 100 feet is still deep for divers. you see military terminating search and recovery because divers have been struggling with decompression here. this is still a tough recovery even though it's not really, really deep water. >> yeah it's really kind of at
12:40 pm
the limits of scuba diving. your bottom time at 100 feet with normal air is ten or 15 minutes. there's ways to increase that. i'm sure these divers were doing heroic things to help out these families who had love to know what happened to their loved ones. i'm sure that's why we're hearing stories of them pushing the envelopes. these are professional divers that know their limits. this is the limits of human beings going down there and actually being there. it's not an easy task. >> no doubt. certainly it is different for each person. they probably have never been in a situation they need to spend so much time under water because there's so much work to be done. miles, thanks so much. miles o'brien with us. >> you're welcome. new pictures appear to show in terrible detail how vicious and depraved boko haram's war
12:41 pm
has become. these are pictures that show children at an alleged military training camp. these were posted on a twitter account for boko haram's so called official now piece. we have more on disturbing images and what they may tell us about the terror group's brutal tactics. >> photos of young children appear to be eight or nine years old in formation, holding ak-47s. photos appeared earlier in the week on a twitter account which purports to be the official mouth piece of boko haram. intelligence sources tell us they have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the twitter handle or of these photos. it appears to be consistent with boko haram's forcible recruitment and training of young children. earlier this month, in the capitol of boarrno state, a girl as young as 10 years old was
12:42 pm
used as a human bomb. it's quite possible she was one of hundreds of kidnapped children. it also coincides with the upgrading if you will of woke's media strategy. one where it appears to imlate isis even using isis chants in some of its videos. earlier on thursday two videos were published, again on this twitter handle. one was an interview with the proposed spokesman of the terror group. both are masked. it shows sophisticated production values than we've seen from boko haram in the past. john kerry over the weekend said that there have been no declaration of affiliation between boko haram and isis but that isis was clearly trying to spread its tentacles as he put it through countries in northern africa. of huge concern will be whether
12:43 pm
a what appears or could a simple imlags of modes of operation could evolve into something more. cnn johannesburg. as new england digs out from the record blizzard another storm is threatening another round. we have that next. seven years after the liberation of auschwitz survivors of the concentration camp are sharing their stories. wolf blitzer joining us to reflect on his family's very personal connection. stay with us. financial noise financial noise financial noise
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the clean up in new england is underway after yesterday's record breaking snowfall. you know what happens when you clean up right? now forecasters say a new storm is on the way. that means more snow and this time frigid temperatures. residents in marshfield were
12:48 pm
especially hard hit by this storm of snow and ice blanketing homes after a sea wall collapsed. one homeowner was trapped in his i drive way and said he's shaken up enough to pack his things and go. >> do you want to come back after this? >> no. this is probably it. sell the house and get out. i have no answers to my future. i've got a future today and tomorrow. trying to laugh it off. >> we hope it's looking up for him in the coming days. the coastal city is drying out from big flooding. let's get to jennifer gray in boston. tell us what we're expecting with the second storm, jennifer. >> reporter: well it's not as bad as the first, i can tell you that. we're expecting to get a few inches of snow. if you look behind me, already blanketed this park.
12:49 pm
after receiving 24 inches of snow the last thing you want to hear is more snow. that's exactly what we're going to see. let's time this system out. looks like it's going to happen late thursday night into the wee hours of friday morning and pushing out late on friday. it's basically going to be an event on friday. we're looking at anywhere from a couple of inches of snow, worse case secenarioecenarioscenario four to five inches. temperatures are going to stay very cold. we barely get above freezing before temperatures dive back down. high temperatures saturday around 17 degrees. that's where we've been the past couple of days. we were in the zpeenseens and low 20s yesterday. a little warmer today. temperatures could dive by the weekend. could possibly see a third storm monday that we're keeping our eyes on as well. looks like we're in the deep freeze here in boston for quite some time. >> yeah i'm so impressed with people. they call
12:50 pm
jennifer gray thank you so much for us in boston. next cnn's wolf blitzer will be joining me to talk about his emotional trip to auschwitz, where his grandparents were killed. what was it like for him walking through the death camp? he will tell us next. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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in the history of human atrocities, the name auschwitz stands alone as the epitome of evil. the nazi death camp was liberated by soviet troops 70 years ago in the final days of world war ii. the anniversary was marked yesterday with a candlelight ceremony for the survivors and their descendents, the horror never completely fades. as you will see in tonight's cnn special "voices of auschwitz" more than one million people were murdered there, including the grandparents of our own wolf blitzer. wolf recently went to poland to see the place for itself and he was overwhelmed by the experience. >> it haunts us to this very day. you just hear that word auschwitz, and you think of death.
12:55 pm
you smell the death when you're walking around. i read a lot about the holocaust. i had seen the movies. i have seen a lot of the pictures. certainly i knew what happened but until you actually see the location you see where it occurred and you get a sense of the enormity of this crime, it's hard to believe that people can be as cruel as they clearly have been. on my dad's side he grew up in the town of auschwitz. he was born in auschwitz. he grew up in that village, that town and i walked around that town. i couldn't believe how close it was. he himself was never taken to auschwitz. they took him to a dozen other slave labor camps. i grew up hearing these stories. my parents were very open about their experience. they never hid anything from me. but i finally went but it was a powerful moment for me. when you walked around those areas at auschwitz and birkenau knowing blood is in the ground there.
12:56 pm
it wasn't until that moment that it hit me my father's parents were killed at auschwitz. powerful experience. something i will never forget. >> wolf blitzer joining us now from washington. wolf you obviously knew all about auschwitz, you talked about it with your parents as you said they were very open. but i think even you were surprised by how much the experience really affected you while you were there. what really touched you the most? >> you know it was so shocking just to walk around. auschwitz itself the barracks there, the various facilities but birkenau the adjacent camp that was really huge. it was much bigger. all of the gas chambers that's where the cattle cars came in where jews were brought in from various parts of europe and they spent several days on a cattle car, they got off. some people were told to go to the right, that means they were going right to these gas chambers. some people were told to go to the left. that means they would be working or becoming slave laborers at least for a short period. some of whom i interview in the
12:57 pm
documentary that will air later tonight, a woman named eva who was only 10 years old, she was brought in from hungary in one of these cattle cars together with her sisters and brothers and parents and grandparents and when they were getting off the cattle car, eva, who is in her 80s now, said to me all of a sudden my parents, grandparents and other relatives, they were told to go to the right. we didn't know what was going to happen to them but these nazi guards noticed my sister and me eva and her sister miriam and one of the nazi guards shouted out in german twins, and they were 10-year-old little girls, and dr. mengela needed more guinea pigs and these two little girls were taken to be brutally tortured with these experiments as they supposedly were. she tells this story and you will hear it tonight in this documentary but it's so moving so powerful.
12:58 pm
just one of the voices of auschwitz that we hear their stories before the war, what life was like for them before the war, what it was like during the war and what it was like after the war, how they survived and what they did with their lives. it's a real powerful very inspirational i should say documentary. i was really proud that cnn put it together and asked me to get involved in this because from my own personal experience knowing that my paternal grandparents were murdered at auschwitz, it became especially powerful and meaningful to me. >> certainly. tell me a little bit about your grandparents but also about your parents, because it's really an amazing, heart-warming story to learn about how your parents met and the life that they had in the states. >> they both lost their parents during the holocaust. all four of my grandparents were killed during the holocaust. they were young. they were in their mid 20s by the time the war was over with early 20s. they met on a train, they were
12:59 pm
looking for family members who might have survived. there they are. they quickly fell in love and before too long they got visas to come to the united states. they wound up and settled in buffalo, new york my hometown which is where i grew up. they had a wonderful life together. my dad unfortunately died back in 2002. my mom might be watching us right now. she is 92 years old down in florida. she's a devoted cnn viewer i should say. so she's around. so you know they really had a wonderful life after the war. but of course they never hid their experiences from me and it was so important for me to know what they went through and what so many others went through at the same time. 1.2 million people were killed at auschwitz during those few years. 1.1 million jewish people 100,000 non-jewish mostly partisans, anti-nazis catholic priests, homosexuals, gypsies.
1:00 pm
we will tell the story tonight. it's something i recommend our viewers watch. >> we will be watching. thanks so much. that is going to be wolf's special report tonight, "voices of auschwitz" at 9:00 eastern. thanks for watching. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. jordan demands proof of life before making any deal with isis. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. jordan says it is willing to trade a terrorist on death row, a convicted would-be suicide bomber to isis for one of their own. a captured fighter pilot. but would this swap open a door that the world cannot close? and with the deadline passed what about that last japanese hostage? plus, isis says it is broadening its deadly reach as a group calling themselves isis in libya claims claims they killed an american. now his father is talking exclusively to us this hour.